Decision Optimization Technology™ (DOT™) is the next-generation asset management and capital planning software designed to help you maintain your aging infrastructure, boost the impact of your tax dollars and plot a course for the future with confidence. DOT™ provides data management and life-cycle cost optimization across all asset classes for integrated and comprehensive asset management and capital planning.


Prioritization and cost benefit analysis methodologies alone cannot navigate an asset management or capital plan’s complexity. DOT™ uses years of doctorate-level research on optimization algorithms to create customized multiyear, multi-constraint capital plans. DOT™ has the flexibility to reflect your unique requirements and consider socio-economic and risk factors in your analytical process.


For a practical decision support tool to produce the right plan, the civil engineering must be right. With support and input from industry experts, we have applied four years of rigorous engineering research to the DOT™ analytical process.


The DOT™ user interface is intuitive, easy to use and gives you the ability to run and compare multiple scenarios on-screen. The system generates analyses and reports that are presentation- and plan-ready. Your strategy will back up your funding requests and help you gain support from your decision-makers, your field staff and your community.

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Why DOT™

A user-friendly software with powerful analytics